My personal user manual

A Personal User Manual is a guide to effectively working with 'you'.

It forces you to consider how you work best and fast tracks the learning curve for people figuring out how to work with you.

Fun facts

🧭 Grew up in a house with no TV

🏓 Started my first business when I was 19 (tennis coaching)

🏄‍♀️ Love surfing and used to compete in local boardriders events

🧮 In 2015 founded of Bean Ninjas (eCom Accounting firm)

🖥️ Now also building eCom accounting software at

👶 Have a wonderful partner and a toddler

⚽ Since moving to a 4 day work week in July, I've found time to join an indoor soccer team and a bookclub

📚 INTJ (rational, curious, strategist) and in the middle between a Visionary & Integrator

I'm on a mission to achieve financial freedom for my family

My definition of financial freedom is having the ability to choose where I live, what I work on and when I work without needing to consider the financial impact.

I love entrepreneurship!

I am a generalist.

My background is in accounting and I've picked up some sales & marketing skills along the way. I'm interested in systems, project management, leadership and productivity.

I'm working on my speaking skills with a podcast (published 100+ podcast episodes) and writing skills through a blog and being active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

What being an 'introvert' means to me

When I first heard the term introvert I thought it meant someone who was shy and had poor social skills which I didn't relate to. Once I read this definition it all made sense.

Introversion involves a tendency to derive energy from time spent alone; time spent around other people may be experienced as draining - Myers Briggs

I love socializing and I enjoy meeting new people, but after being around people I have an urge to be on my own to think, reflect and recharge.

If I say no to a meeting it's nothing personal (I prefer async)

During my work hours, I'm very focused and set up my work environment to minimize interruptions.

I'm generally not a fan of meetings and will actively try and turn meeting requests into conversations via Slack, email or loom.

I still care about my team, but I prefer team dinners or zoom parties to build relationships rather than meetings.

I hope this helps others to understand me a little better and I would love to read your Personal User Manual too.