Don’t get left behind in the shift to remote work. Here are the skills which are declining in value and what to focus on instead.

A remote-first workplace requires different skills to be effective.

We spend lots of time debating the pros and cons of remote work, but what is talked about less is the increasing value of certain skill sets and the declining value of others.

Here are some examples of the skills which are declining in value and what to focus on instead.

Being charismatic is declining in value and the ability to write clearly and concisely is increasing in value.

In the early days of my corporate career, I noticed that people with ‘big personalities’ were rewarded.

They weren’t necessarily producing the best results, but they were great at taking control in meetings, deflecting accountability where necessary, and building relationships with the right people.

Relationships are still important in a remote-first workplace, but the way they are built will be different.

The changing nature of communication skills in a remote workplace:

Writing > Speaking
Async > Real time
Thoughtful > Quick replies
Concise > Entertaining

The skills of the future are more about building rapport online and communicating digitally than ‘having a presence’ or being charismatic.

Remote work cuts through the noise of workplace politics and amplifies the importance of action and results.

The shifting value of skills in a remote workplace:

Action > talk
Results > workplace politics
Audience building > in person networking
Portfolio > Resume

The shift to remote work has accelerated, so take some time to consider the shifting value of skills to ensure you stay relevant.