How I Got Interested In Web3

I wouldn't call myself an expert in Web3.

However, I have spent the last three months going down the rabbit hole and learning everything I can.

Here's how I first got interested in Web3:

In 2022 my Twitter feed turned Web3 crazy. There was capital flowing freely and top talent was moving into the space. I was intrigued!

I sat down to a family dinner and shared my growing interest in Web3.

The response "Crypto and NFTs have no real-world use cases and the industry is full of scams".

I didn't have a good reply or data at my fingertips to share and that annoyed me.

It was time to stop reading and start doing.

Learning by doing: My Web3 challenge list

Challenge items completed:

✔️ Setup a hot wallet and account with an exchange

✔️ Start Dollar Cost Averaging BTC & ETH

✔️ Buy an NFT

✔️ Setup a cold wallet

✔️ Buy an ENS domain

✔️ Go to a Web3 event in IRL

✔️ Join a DAO

Challenge items to be completed in August 2022

👉 Write an article on 'real world' Web3 use cases

👉 Vote on a DAO governance proposal via snapshot

👉 Get paid for my work by a DAO

👉 Mint a POAP

👉 Bridge my ETH over to Polygon

👉 Stake some ETH

👉 Setup my business to transact in crypto

Come and join me by setting your own Web3 challenges. Let's report back at the end of August.



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